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Shuffle & Deal: Rediscover the Joy of Playing Cards Today!

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Tara Gallagher

Do you ever wish you watched less and played more? Shuffle & Deal is a card game book packed with hilarious, evil and deeply addictive games that are guaranteed to spread through your circle of friends like poison ivy. This isn't a book full of old favourites; all of the games selected offer something a bit different - new twists and alternative rules. But Shuffle & Deal is more than a collection of card games. Fun to read and beautiful to look at, it features a collection of stunning artwork dating from medieval times to the present day. Alongside the games are historical anecdotes, top tips for winning, and card-speak jargon busters, designed to ake everyone an expert. In a world that relies ever more on screens to fill its need for entertainment, card games are a beacon of light. So come in from the cold, call your friends and families, grab a deck, and make some memories.

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