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China: A History in Objects

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Jessica Harrison-Hall

The history of China – brilliantly told and brought vividly to life through 7,000 years of objects from fine art to the everyday. This illustrated introduction to the history of China offers a fresh understanding of China’s progress from the Neolithic age to the present. Told in six chapters arranged chronologically, through art, artefacts, people and places, and richly illustrated with expertly selected objects and artworks, it firmly connects today’s China with its internationally engaged past. From the earliest archaeological relics and rituals, through the development of writing and state, to the advent of empire, the author charts China’s transformation from ancient civilization into the world’s most populous nation and influential economy, offering the reader a myriad historical insights and cultural treasures along the way. This accessible book presents an eclectic mix of materials including Chinese theatre, the decorative arts, costume, jewelry and furniture-making, running through to the most recent diffusion of Chinese culture. Published to coincide with the reopening of the British Museum’s Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery of China and South Asia, this book will stimulate, fascinate and inform anyone interested in one of the greatest and most influential nations of the modern world. Introduction • 1. Early China: Neolithic to the Unification 4000–221 bc • 2. Empires 221 BC–AD 960 • 3. Emperors, Scholars and Merchants 960–1279 • 4. Mongols and Ming 1271–1644 • 5. Qing: The Last Dynasty 1644–1911 • 6. Modern China 1911–present

HKU bakalářský program. Booktopia has China A History in Objects by Jessica HarrisonHall. This illustrated introduction to the history of China offers a fresh understanding of Chinas progress from the Neolithic age to the present. It was highly valued by the royal palace and was drug spice perfume and connector to otherworldly forces all in one.

Jessica Harrison

WSDL Tutorial pro začátečníky PDF. During Neolithic times the known sources of nephrite jade in China for utilitarian and ceremonial items were the nowdepleted deposits in the Ningshao area in the Yangtze River Delta during the Liangzhu culture BCE and in an area of the Liaoning province in Inner Mongolia during the Hongshan culture BCE. These Byzantine coins provide one kind of evidence about Chinas contacts with the West. In southern China in Hunan and Jiangxi provinces very large bells have been excavated dating to the Zhou dynasty about BC which are heavier than tuned bells and seemed to have been. Chinese Object Study Workshops is a program that provides graduate students in Chinese art history an immersive experience in the study of objects. Adventures in Chinas greatest museums You will learn the history by listening to interesting stories and playing games. Více o upoutávkách 19962021 a.s. R PDF dokumentace. List AC1901 World Prehistory Section. At one time the wall stretched from Shanhaiguan on Chinas east coast through a variety of terrains including mountains plateaus and desert to Lop Nur in the North West of the country. Nejlepší univerzita pro mořskou biologii. Chinas written past and its material culture show interactions with other states in every period from the Neolithic to the present. Pro učitele. Descargar ebooks gratis para llevar y leer en cualquier lugar. Buy China by Jessica HarrisonHall from Waterstones today Click and Collect from your local .

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